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Edworks' Founder-Greg Nicholson
Edworks' Founder
Greg Nicholson
Welcome to Edworks! As a young teacher, I will always remember the faces of my students as they discovered the joy of learning.

This joy sprang as much from their sense of empowerment, as it did from our teamwork. As a teacher and psychologist, I was able to provide them with the appropriate tools for success, but at the same time, I showed them that reaching a goal and following a dream was something over which they had control.

The tools I mention were formulated into a unique, teaching method called Edworks Tutoring. Edworks Tutoring features a fundamental key to effective learning: the power of Thinking Smart!

Edworks Tutoring programs are personally tailored to the very special needs of each student. Inherently, they draw upon students' strengths to nurture and develop their self-esteem and, where appropriate, incorporate Brain Training activities.

  • Offer practice exams specifically designed to familiarise students with the format of NAPLAN, Scholarship and Selective Entrance exams. Develop a repertoire of exam-related skills to improve performance outcomes.
  • Establish a framework for independent learning designed to encourage students to be pro-active and take control of the learning process.
  • Empower students through skill development.
  • Teach students how to learn by taking them beyond rote learning.
  • Foster self-confidence based on the solid foundations of 'Thinking Smart' where students learn to think creatively, to dissect, evaluate and comprehend issues, to form opinions, problem solve and to become discerning and effective communicators.
  • Create a love of learning and an excitement that comes with empowerment.
Do Edworks Tutoring programs really work? Hundreds of letters from satisfied parents and students, past and present, say 'yes!'. This reflects that Edworks Tutoring addresses both long and short-term goals. Indeed, Edworks' multi-faceted skill-building can equip your child for life.

Thank you for your interest in Edworks Tutoring. Tuition centres are located throughout Melbourne. Over 20 years' professional tutoring experience means Edworks is a name you can trust. Whether seeking tuition in maths, reading, comprehension, writing skills, or NAPLAN and scholarship exam preparation, Edworks Tutoring can help your child.

To learn more about Edworks Tutoring service, or to arrange your child's tuition today, please call Glenn on 9882 8777 who is happy to chat and to arrange a no-obligation Free Skills Assessment at one of our Melbourne tuition centres.

Edworks Tutoring! It's your child's key to success!

Best regards
Greg Nicholson
Greg Nicholson
Psychologist, Educator, & Founder
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Franchises are perfect if you need hamburgers or tyres. But can the same be said of a child’s future? Parents want the confidence to know that the people into whose tutoring care they entrust their child have their child’s well-being at heart. Edworks is an Australian, family-owned concern. Inspiring kids to shine is our business.