The most satisfying aspect of helping students and families for almost 20 years are the hundreds of testimonials we receive each year. There is no better recommendation confirming the life changing impact of Edworks tuition.


''If there was one thing we did right for you, it was Edworks', my mother often tells me. Edworks has equipped me with essay writing skills and prepared me significantly for the (high school) exam.

My essay writing skills have skyrocketed since my time at Edworks. I now can brainstorm ideas quickly in an organised fashion and complete an essay within a time limit. During the course of the year, I have been asked to write several essays for school. My results depict my understanding of the topic, which set me apart from the rest, who have never been taught properly.

'Working smart' has given me comprehension and problem solving strategies which will help me 'shine' in the (school) entry exam. Since my time with you, I am now able to comprehend information and identify the key details. My maths skills have developed and come a long way. Using the Seven Steps to Problem Solving puts my mind into perspective as to what the question is really asking me to do. From there, I apply the rest of the steps and an outcome comes relatively quickly.

In conclusion, Edworks has seen my essay writing skills improve substantially. It has also prepared me for the exam by teaching me skills which give me an advantage over everyone else. Whether or not I am admitted into (my school of choice), I’m a winner anyway! I have achieved a lot of confidence and gained knowledge which I can use for the rest of my life. Thank you!'
Catherine, Year 8 student


'The benefits have been enormous and you are to be highly commended for its insightful and excellent program. The result - our newly confident and capable daughter.'
Mrs. J.D., Bentleigh.


'When I began with Edworks my English marks varied from C+ to B-, however by the conclusion of my tutelage I was ranked in the top 5 percent in the State in this subject. I have now acquired many new and valuable skills, including how to structure essays, locate relevant data in texts, and how to form a coherent argument from a range of topics and resources. I not only recommend the principles of Working Smart for educational help throughout middle school, but also for the more senior levels of secondary education.'
Tristan, Year 12 student.


'Credit must go to you for your work with Kelly in her preparation for the entrance exam. We have no doubt it helped her greatly to 'work smarter'. She also achieved a High Distinction in the University of NSW science competition - topping her grade level at school.'
Mr. & Mrs. K.K., Brighton.


'I am thrilled to convey to you our very good news that Jack obtained all A+ results in his first round CAT’s. I am convinced that your input regarding background of topics and structure of essays was particularly instrumental in him obtaining such pleasing results. With Sally’s three scholarship offers, our association with you has been both pleasant and rewarding - altogether a good investment for our children’s future. Thank you again. Jack has benefited greatly from your intelligent discussions.'
C.G., Blackburn South.


'First of all, ‘thank you’ for all your professional and thorough work with our daughter. Both our children have fond memories of Edworks’ staff and the sessions. We have noticed the positive impact it had on their enjoyment at school. … 'working smart' definitely makes a difference. Your approach to learning and taking each child through key strategies and reasoning skills tailored to our daughter’s stage of development made a big difference in confidence and also in results. Scholarships are the cream on the cake and we have had offers of 3 scholarships from excellent schools for Mia. … Add that to our eldest son’s scholarship after attending your Active Learning Centre, and we think the results speak clearly for themselves.'
Mr. and Mrs. J. P., Armadale.


'Dear Edworks Staff: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the important contribution the concept of ‘working smart’ has made in improving my English skills. My essay writing has come a long way as you have taught me how to plan and structure essay efficiently. You have trained me to think clearly and to arrange my ideas in an effective manner in all my written work. I am now able to write fluently without any hesitation. The tutors are extremely friendly and made a real effort to improve me. This was clearly seen in the very good grades I scored at the recent ITSA examination.'
Sandeep, Year 9 student.


'Ishina has benefitted from your workouts by sharpening her skills and exposing her to higher challenges. Thank you!'
Mr. S. A., Brighton.


'We are deeply appreciative of the competitive advantages, skills, thought processes and methodology that you have imparted to and instilled in Matt which has given him the ‘edge’ not only at the Scholarship examination, but also for use on an ongoing basis. We value the positive influence your teaching has been. It continues to impact on many aspects of his life. We are confident that Matt will perform excellently, having been given a head start. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that has been given to our son.'
Mrs. M.R., Wheelers Hill.


'We were delighted last week to hear that our daughter has been offered scholarships to both (her schools of choice). We would like to thank you for your role in helping her achieve these results. She loved going to your centre. Not only did you teach her valuable learning skills but also provided a lot of encouragement and inspiration. The whole experience has been incredibly positive for her.'
J.A., East Malvern.


'Steven has remarked on his use of the skills for working smart at school. We note a change in his attitude now he feels more confident with written tasks. I will not hesitate to recommend your programs, particularly for children studying humanities - skills learned must make an amazing difference to studying such subjects. For Steven - I see the benefits as long term, carrying into his tertiary study.'
Mrs. J.B., Glen Iris.


'Primarily, your tutoring has helped our daughter to develop an ability to think independently and laterally which we feel is not taught routinely at schools. Secondly, we have seen much improvement in her problem solving, analytical and comprehension skills since she started with you one year ago.'
Mr. & Mrs. V.P., Glen Waverley.


'We are delighted. Our son, Rupert, has been offered a position at his favoured school. Before he learned to ‘work smart’, his marks in English ranged from C+ to B. On joining you, his marks improved gradually to an A average. Rupert has only been in this country for four years and with Edworks’ help he managed to get in to the top 10% of the (school) entrance examination. Thank you!'
J.S., Brighton.


'Dear Greg: We are delighted to inform you that as a result of his excellent results in the Entrance Examination, our son has been selected to attend (his school of choice). He performed extremely well in all three subjects tested, but his best individual result was in Written Expression. This is the area in which Paul has always felt least confident and was his prime motivation for wanting to attend your sessions. We are sure it has helped him enormously.'
L. & K. O., Camberwell.


'I would like to thank you for the help you have given me during the times that I have been at Edworks. I have really enjoyed your sessions and learning the new skills of essay writing, maths and problem solving, comprehension and logic and reasoning.'
Nava, Grade 6 student.