Tuition Centre, General Tuition, Real World Programs | AustraliaEdworks offers each student the opportunity of a Free Skills Assessment, plus a 110 per cent satisfaction guarantee. General tutoring for all age groups from Prep to Year 12 takes each student step-by-step through his or her personal program, tailored to suit the individual areas of interest of each student. Popular subjects include:

Logic & Reasoning
A key objective of these programs is to encourage the utilisation of active reading skills and the application of Edworks' '7 Steps to Problem Solving'. Deductive and inductive reasoning skills also promote the development of independent learning, a prerequisite for success at tertiary level. The use of concrete and abstract thinking is encouraged in developing a balanced approach to logic and reasoning.

Advanced Comprehension
Students develop the ability to make informed decisions related to reading and to identify the most appropriate skills required for the reading task. Rather than viewing required comprehension outcomes as simply getting the answer right, students are taught to focus on the qualitative aspects of the reading process. Here, they employ specific skills incorporating a relevant range of checks and balances.

Maths & Problem Solving
While basic maths processes are covered comprehensively, Edworks' programs address a major issue displayed by most new students: a lack of understanding of written questions. Students are introduced to Edworks' 'Active Reading Skills' and '7 Steps to Problem Solving'. Here, they explore the application of these skills in a wide variety of problem-solving tasks. Again, the focus is upon the qualitative aspects of skill development, rather than answer-driven responses. This increases and sustains success potential at current and higher levels and is an important prerequisite for scholarship and entrance exam achievement.

Creative Essay Writing
Edworks' study guide, 'Reach for the Sky – Discovering the Power of Working Smart!' offers students an in depth appreciation of the skills required to develop their creative writing skills. This has proven a valuable resource to students to VCE level. A variety of other essay styles and types are also developed including Issue-based (Argumentative and Persuasive), Analytical (Text Analysis and Language Analysis) and Informative and Instructional.

Issue–Based Essay Writing
The more formalised structure of issue based essays is introduced at Grade 5. Students are taught to analyse issues from a range of key perspectives. This encourages critical and analytical thinking and prepares the student for issue-based writing at secondary level. Having prioritised arguments, students learn to develop well-defined plans. Edworks' study guide, 'Reach for the Sky' plays an important role in offering students a series of model essays as helpful guidelines for student review.

Clichés & Proverbs
These programs play an important role in expanding a student's appreciation of the power of the written word. Students are taught to discriminate between the literal and figurative meaning of words and then encouraged to creatively employ clichés and proverbs in their essays. Students gain an appreciation of a broader repertoire of language skills available to them. This empowers them to explore language independently and to enjoy building skills in this area. Well developed skills in English give students an edge in examination settings and are a valuable asset in the workplace.

Verbal Reasoning
This series of programs is designed to further extend a student's appreciation of language and how deductive reasoning may be employed to solve complex analogies. It encourages right-brain thinking.

Maths Reasoning
Students are presented with a complex and challenging range of reasoning tasks designed to encourage the utilisation of Edworks' '7 Steps to Problem Solving'. Lateral thinking skills form an important component to this series of activities, promoting skills for exams and future workplace environments.

Independent Spelling Skills
The over-generalisation of phonics is the major cause of spelling problems evident in student writing. Consequently, Edworks introduces skills that encourage students to be more discriminating. This is achieved through the development of independent, visual Spelling Skills. Students are taught to discern between words that sound right and those that look right. They are then encouraged to apply the new skills to written work, creating a sound foundation for proficiency in future writing tasks.

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The tutoring arena is now a whole lot smarter since the introduction of Edworks' Real World programs!

Already at the forefront of originality through its successful Active Learning programs, Edworks has broken new ground in tutoring innovation through the addition of its Real World programs to its tutoring repertoire.

Edworks' Real World programs offer all Edworks students from Grade 5 to Year 12 a stimulating, new bag of skills that are proving immensely popular and fun to learn. Significantly, these programs provide an advanced and sophisticated knowledge base and competitive edge for classroom participation – and for personal achievement and success in higher education and the adult years. The programs are:

The Real World programs may be integrated into a student's existing schedule (as with other selected, general tutoring subjects) or may be undertaken separately. Please call Edworks for details and available session times in your area.

1. PUBLIC SPEAKING Clear thinking, planning and writing; delivery; body language, voice projection, overcoming fear
2. FINANCIAL LITERACY Banks, interest rates, shares, credit card traps, budgets; superannuation
3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP The power of positive thinking; Identifying opportunities and risks
4. ETHICS Understanding ethics; Applying ethics in decision-making
5. CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING Appreciating others' differences, Beyond cultural tolerance to acceptance; Understanding the lives and perspectives of others: geographical, historical, cultural and political

Edworks' Free Skills Assessment, developed by psychologist, Greg Nicholson, offers students from PREP upwards the benefits of a comprehensive assessment of current skill levels. This is obligation-free and can provide the advantages of knowing how your child is performing in the context of the key elements required for academic success.

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