What is Edworks Online Tutoring?

Edworks, established in in 1990 by Psychologist Greg Nicholson, now delivers the very best in 21st Century education directly to your home with Edworks Online Tutoring.

Exceptionally simple to use, with no downloads or technical expertise required, Edworks Online Tutoring offers over 30 years of tutoring experience in an engaging, fully interactive online environment. As always, our online tuition is fully personalised, and tailored to the specific needs of your child.

Enjoy the very same quality programs Edworks is renowned for, with the convenience of online learning.


  • Fully interactive classes – face-to-face lessons with dynamic online whiteboard
  • Verbal and written correction and instruction provided in real-time, for real learning
  • 100% tailored to your child’s needs
  • Private sessions – your child will not see or hear anyone other than their tutor while they learn
  • Simple – no downloads or complex steps to follow
  • Safe and secure software trusted by families in thousands of cities world-wide
  • Convenience – get the best in 21st Century education from the comfort of your home
  • Affordable – online sessions start at just $50 per hour
  • Weekly sessions – your child attends on a weekly basis for maximum educational advantage

What do I need for Edworks Online Tutoring?

Computer Webcam Internet Headset

How do the classes operate?

Group classes are conducted with a maximum of 4 students in each 60-minute session. Each student has their own private room, working with the tutor on their personalised academic program.

1:1 classes are exclusive, personalised sessions conducted between tutor and student in a one-on-one setting for the full 60 minute session.

What sort of lessons do you offer online?

Our online classes are tailored to the individual needs of your child. Edworks Online Tutoring offers everything from our renowned Scholarship, Selective Entry and NAPLAN preparation classes, to general tutoring for Prep to Year 12 in Maths, English, Science and more.

How will I know the sessions are working?

Operating for more than 30 years, Edworks’ proven track record of success means that you can rest assured your child is receiving the very best in progressive education.

Of course, we understand that parents are heavily invested in their children’s education and may want to know exactly what work is being undertaken, the skills developed, and the progress being made. As such, Edworks Online Tutoring allows parents (and students) to:

  • Access ‘Class Reviews’, where they can see the specific programs undertaken and skills developed.
  • Receive regular Progress Reports from the tutor, highlighting areas of focus, student improvement made, skills developed and future academic targets being pursued.

Trial session

Once you have selected your child’s preferred class type, we will arrange your Edworks Online Tutoring trial session.

A trial session allows both you and your child to get a sense of how tutoring sessions will operate each week, before committing to a 15-session Membership.

Your trial session is initially charged at the standard rate of your preferred class type, however upon proceeding with an Edworks Online Tutoring Membership, you will be granted a Bonus session, rendering the trial session free of charge.

To book your child’s Edworks Online Tutoring trial session, simply call us on (03) 9882 8777 today, or email online@edworksglobal.com