Can we join for just a few tutorial sessions?

Edworks’ minimum enrolment period (Bronze Membership – 15 Sessions) ensures a student has the opportunity to acquire and retain key Edworks skills and techniques. Attending a few sessions only does not afford students adequate time to gain the many true benefits of our program.

Are your tutors qualified?

The Edworks team comprises a dedicated group of professional men and women committed to offering its students the very best in progressive education. Tutors are carefully selected and trained extensively in Edworks’ widely endorsed teaching methods and philosophies. Importantly, all Edworks tutors are passionate about making a difference in the lives of students.

What is the price for tuition?

Our 80-minute sessions are as low as $51 for both primary and secondary students; that equates to a cost of just $38.25 p/h.

How will I know Edworks is working?

Edworks provides a written review for parents at the end of each session. Additionally, tutors report to parents on the areas covered, skills developed and progress achieved.

What happens if my child misses a session?

At Edworks, you never lose a session you have paid for. We offer make-up classes, which can be arranged by a simple phone call or email. Alternatively, the session is simply transferred from the week of absence, to the end of your child’s Membership.

When can we start our Edworks Membership?

Your child can commence with us at any time. You do not have to wait until the start of the term. Edworks encourages parents and students to be pro-active and to address areas needing focus, whether remedial or extension, when they are first identified.

How long does my child need to prepare for a Scholarship or Entrance exam?

The short answer is: it depends on the student. It is important to note that only about the top 3% of all students sitting for such exams are successful. Given a year to prepare, most Edworks’ students are well equipped for such exams. Some, however, achieve Scholarships and Selective Entry placements after only being at Edworks for the minimum membership period of 15 sessions.

Why Edworks over other tutoring organisations?

Please see our ‘Why Edworks?’ page.

Why doesn't Edworks use computers during its tutoring sessions?

As a policy, Edworks does not use computers. Computerised learning tends to promote ‘answer driven’ learning which simplifies learning to the point where students only see the answer as the objective, rather than the learning process. Edworks’ personalised programs teach students how to problem solve independently, rather than merely rewarding correct answers.

Why Edworks over home-based tutoring options?

Edworks is a professional tutoring organisation boasting more than 25 years of success. Our centres provide positive learning environments, fostering self-esteem and inspiring heightened levels of motivation in students. Distinct from the vast majority of home tutors, Edworks does not simply give your child answers, but empowers them to become independent learners.

Can my child focus on more than one subject in a session?

Yes, Edworks’ students can receive tuition across multiple subject areas in each 80-minute session.

Why don't you give homework?

Edworks’ homework philosophy reflects that of global leaders in education, Finland. Rather than offering meaningless rote learning, Edworks teaches students key skills and techniques that see them become independent problem-solvers. Completing work in our positive learning environment ensures students gain maximum long-term benefit from Edworks’ programs.