Maths Tutoring, English Tutoring & More

Edworks’ general tutoring  programs focus on a combination of the core subject areas detailed below. Following your child’s Free Skills Assessment, we will liaise with you to develop a fully personalised tutoring program to address any existing gaps, and develop skills across all subjects requiring attention and/or extension.

Maths & Problem Solving

Designed to initially address existing knowledge gaps, then challenge and extend, Edworks’ Maths & Problem Solving programs focus primarily on  imparting one critical skill: the ability to problem-solve independently. By employing Edworks’ Active Reading Skills and 4 Steps to Problem Solving,
our students learn how to accurately interpret, deconstruct and solve complex maths problems. Edworks’ maths tutoring programs teach skills and  strategies for sustained classroom and exam success.

Maths Reasoning

In Maths Reasoning, students are presented with a complex and challenging range of reasoning tasks designed to encourage the use of Edworks’ 4 Steps to Problem Solving. Lateral thinking skills form an important component of this series of programs, promoting skills crucial to both school and Scholarship exam success.

Logic & Reasoning

A key objective of these programs is to encourage students to employ active reading skills and Edworks’ 4 Steps to Problem Solving. Deductive and inductive reasoning skills also promote the development of independent learning, a prerequisite for long-term academic success. The use of concrete and abstract thinking is encouraged in developing a balanced approach to logic and reasoning.

Essay Writing

Edworks teaches students a variety of skills and techniques vital to writing with precision and flair across all essay styles. With the aid of several key resources, including Edworks’ study guide, Reach for the Sky, Edworks’ students learn the importance of laying strong foundations to consistently write high quality essays. Our personalised English tutoring programs have assisted thousands of students of diverse backgrounds reach their full academic potential.

Reading & Comprehension

Edworks emphasises the importance of being discerning, critical and analytical in the approach to reading and comprehension tasks. Incorporating a series of checks and balances, students are taught all-important inferential skills, which allow them to both read and think between the lines.

Spelling Skills

The over-generalisation of phonics is the major cause of spelling problems in student writing. As such, Edworks introduces skills that encourage students to be more discriminating. This is achieved through the development of independent, visual spelling skills. Students are taught to discern between words that sound right and those that look right. They are then encouraged to apply the new skills to written work, creating a sound foundation for proficiency in future writing tasks.

Clichés & Proverbs

These programs play an important role in expanding a student’s appreciation of the power of the written word. Students are taught to discriminate between the literal and figurative meaning of words, and are then encouraged to creatively employ clichés and proverbs in their essays. Students gain an appreciation of the broader repertoire of language skills available to them. This empowers them to explore language independently and to enjoy building skills in this area. Well-developed skills in English give students an edge in examination settings and are a valuable asset in all future professions.

Verbal Reasoning

This series of programs is designed to further extend a student’s appreciation of language and how deductive reasoning may be employed to solve complex analogies. As with all of our core subject areas, Verbal Reasoning is a key component of Scholarship, Selective Entry and NAPLAN exams.