Written by Psychologist and Edworks’ founder,  Greg Nicholson, ‘Reach for the Sky’ is a study guide for students from Grades 5 to 12, offering skills for life. In the face of an education system entrenched in outmoded teaching methods, this book features step-by-step guidelines for ‘working smart’, teaching students at their appropriate levels, how to become independent and creative thinkers and innovators, preparing them for their academic years ahead and the coming challenges of a rapidly-changing, global environment. ‘Reach for the Sky’ is on the recommended reading list at Monash Universty, and is rated 3.5 out of 4 stars by HEDUA, the world’s most popular homeschooling website. Professor Frank Vajda, from The University of Melbourne, says:

‘This book will not only be of immense value to students who want to become achievers. Reach for the Sky is for the procrastinators and worriers of the student world, for students who question the reason they should attend school at all, and for those who aspire to be more successful, but are confused as to how to go about it. The book’s purpose: to show students how to move beyond being merely passive receptors and storers of vast quantities of information, to becoming thinkers, where learning is an active process; where making mistakes plays a positive role as a stepping stone to success. . . . The book is a feast of brilliant tacit knowledge not usually found in works of its kind.’


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‘Masterful advice for parents seeking a school-ready, head start for their child.’
’Robyn Gordon, Psychologist, The Cairnmillar Institute.